DOI: 10.1055/s-00000029

Journal of Reconstructive Microsurgery

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Mangelsdorff, Gunther; Cuevas, Pedro; Rodriguez, José Ramón; Pereira, Nicolás; Ramirez, Enrica; Yañez, Ricardo: Reduced Anterolateral Thigh Flap Donor-Site Morbidity Using Incisional Negative Pressure Therapy
Song, Sinyoung; Jeong, Hyung Hwa; Lee, Yeonhun; Powers, Hollie; Suh, Young Chul; Christoffi, Phaedon; Suh, Hyunsuk Peter; Hong, Joon Pio Jp: Direction of Flap Rotation in Propeller Flaps: Does It Really Matter?
Rebecca, Alanna M.; Mahabir, Raman C.; Pflibsen, Lacey; Hillberg, Nadine; Jensen, Claire; Casey, William J.: Indocyanine Green Lymphangiography as an Adjunct for the Optimal Identification and Management of Lymphatic Leaks in the Groin
Cherubino, Mario; Valdatta, Luigi; Tos, Pierluigi; D'Arpa, Salvatore; Troisi, Luigi; Igor, Pellegatta; Corradi, Federica; Khan, Umraz: Role of Negative Pressure Therapy as Damage Control in Soft Tissue Reconstruction for Open Tibial Fractures
Suh, Hyunsuk Peter; Jeong, Hyung Hwa; Hong, Joon Pio Jp: Is Early Compression Therapy after Perforator Flap Safe and Reliable?
Pedreira, Rachel; Siotos, Charalampos; Cho, Brian H.; Seal, Stella M.; Bhat, Deepa; Carl, Hannah M.; Seu, Michelle; Wolinksy, J. P.; Sacks, Justin M.: Vascularized Bone Grafting for Reconstruction of Oncologic Defects in the Spine: A Systematic Review and Pooled Analysis of the Literature
Panchik, Daniel; Masco, Sarah; Zinnikas, Patrice; Hillriegel, Brooke; Lauder, Tori; Suttmann, Erica; Chinchilli, Vernon; McBeth, Maureen; Hermann, William: The Effect of Exercise on Breast Cancer–Related Lymphedema: What the Lymphatic Surgeon Needs to Know
Bigdeli, Amir K.; Gazyakan, Emre; Schmidt, Volker J.; Bauer, Christoph; Germann, Günter; Radu, Christian A.; Kneser, Ulrich; Hirche, Christoph: Long-Term Outcome after Successful Lower Extremity Free Flap Salvage