Facial plast Surg 2003; 19(3): 237-238
DOI: 10.1055/s-2003-43158

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The Ethnic Nose

Gilbert J. Nolst Trenité
  • Academic Medical Center of The University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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23 October 2003 (online)

[[author photo]]These days facial plastic surgeons in Europe and the United States are confronted more frequently with patients of specific ethnic background. Due to the patients' desire to blend into our Western world and because they are influenced by the Caucasian standard of beauty shown in the media, they seek cosmetic surgery.

Confronted with such a patient the rhinoplasty surgeon should be able to define the ethnic background and should have knowledge of the specific anatomy and the appropriate techniques to obtain a satisfying result.

A good result means also that the "new" nose blends in harmoniously with the ethnic facial features. In this issue of Facial Plastic Surgery, authorities in the field of ethnic rhinoplasty will share their experiences with you. Although there is a great variety of ethnic groups and the literature is rather confusing about the general differences of ethnic groups, which are determined by historical, geographical, and cultural factors, it is helpful to differentiate the non-Caucasian groups in patients requesting rhinoplasty.

In this issue you will find guidelines about five geographically defined general ethnic groups from Africa, Latin America, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, and Asia. Consultation, aesthetics, surgical anatomy, approaches and techniques, graft materials, and postoperative care and complications, emphasizing the ethnic nose, will be amply discussed. Guidelines for ethnic rhinoplasty are presented in this issue, with the goal of achieving natural, aesthetic results with noses that blend harmoniously with the specific ethnic face.

Of further interest to readers may be the contribution of John A. McCurdy, Jr., M.D., F.A.C.S. to the November 2002 issue of Facial Plastic Surgery. Dr. McCurdy's article, "The Asian Nose: Augmentation Rhinoplasty with L-Shaped Silicone Implants" (Facial Plastic Surgery 2002;18:245-252) serves as a valuable addition to the material presented within the pages of this issue. Subscribers are encouraged to access Dr. McCurdy's article by visiting Thieme's online journal site at www.thieme-connect.com; other readers may access this article by setting up a temporary trial account at thieme-connect.com.