Facial plast Surg 2012; 28(04): 367-368
DOI: 10.1055/s-0032-1319845
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Revision Rhinoplasty

Richard E. Davis
1  The Center for Facial Restoration, Miramar, Florida
2  Division of Facial Plastic Surgery, Department of Otolaryngology, The University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine, Miami, Florida
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07 August 2012 (online)

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Revision rhinoplasty is widely regarded as one of the most challenging of all cosmetic surgical procedures. In addition to highly deranged anatomy and a potentially compromised healing capacity, the revision rhinoplasty surgeon must also contend with the wide array of difficult psychosocial issues that typify the revision rhinoplasty patient. And commensurate with the expanding worldwide popularity of cosmetic nasal surgery, the growing frequency of failed rhinoplasty outcomes suggests the demand for this burgeoning new surgical niche will persist well into the foreseeable future.

In this edition of Facial Plastic Surgery dedicated exclusively to revision rhinoplasty, many of the world's most experienced and most accomplished revision rhinoplasty specialists have thoughtfully presented their insights and wisdom regarding this always challenging and sometimes vexing surgical procedure. Comprehensive strategies for restoration of the previously operated nose, including a wide array of cosmetic and functional disturbances arising from posttraumatic, developmental, and/or iatrogenic causes, are presented throughout this issue. And as guest editor, I wish to extend my personal gratitude to these exceptionally talented and passionate nasal surgeons for their generosity of time and thought and for the exceptional quality of their work. I am confident that the reader will benefit immensely from this effort.